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Unlock your organisation’s innovation capabilities

Want to innovate smarter and faster than your competitors?

Indutech enables organizations to leverage their collective wisdom and make better use of their resources, leading to improved outcomes and increased competitiveness.

We deliver competitive advantage through:

  • Innovation strategies that nurture both continuous improvement and breakthrough advancements
  • Connecting organizations with valuable additional  resources, expertise, and collaborative opportunities, enabling them to leverage a wider pool of knowledge and capabilities.
  • Facilitating the adoption and integration of cutting-edge technologies into organizations
  • Support Integration and deployment of strategy on an innovated growth path through implementation roadmaps

Roadmapping Technology

Providing a structured approach to guide technology development, innovation, and the implementation of strategic initiatives.

Innovation Capability Assessment

Providing a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s innovation capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Enterprise Design Software

Providing a comprehensive view of the organization and facilitates the alignment of business processes and systems with strategic objectives.

“Following a two-year comprehensive transformation of our company, involving a few global firsts, we successfully reduced our policy issue costs by 71% and cut down our average time-to-issue by a staggering 95%. This led to annual savings of R200 million rand, along with a dramatic improvement in policyholder satisfaction”

– Derek Pead, CEO, Metropolitan Life (2001-2007)

Meet the team

At Indutech, our management team combines diverse skill sets and expertise to offer a comprehensive range of services that drive meaningful change and innovation within businesses. 

Niek du Preez

CEO and Founder and Emeritus Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University

Over 35 years of experience in consulting and industrial engineering.

Gert Pretorius

Engineering Consultant: PhD in Industrial Engineering


Gert brings a wealth of expertise garnered over four decades in engineering and management roles, spanning across diverse industries and international borders.

Corne Schutte

Vice-dean: Research and Industry Liaison at Stellenbosch, Council Member at SAIIE


Corne fosters synergies between academia and industry while championing excellence in engineering research and practice.